Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

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The Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) is a specialized program within the medically trained scientific discipline, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In this program, students acquire the skills to examine, evaluate, and identify various ailments by analyzing fluids from the heart valve, perivascular fluid, pleura, and other collected samples.

Offering various specializations such as Radiology, Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry, Genetics, and Clinical Chemistry, the DMLT diploma prepares students to operate advanced laboratory equipment, conduct precise medical laboratory tests, and pursue employment as laboratory technicians or technologists.
It involves advanced professional learning in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases through clinical laboratory tests. The curriculum covers core topics like human anatomy, MLT fundamentals, human psychology, and biochemistry basics, with optional classes including clinical hematology, clinical microbiology, technical microbiology, and clinical biochemistry.

Course Duration : 12months

Qualification: +2 with Science background

Job profile: Medical laboratory technicians, Laboratory Technicians, Biological technicians and Pathology Technicians.

Job opportunities : Hospitals, Clincs, Diagnostic centers and Research laboratories.

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