Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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The Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a 12-month program offering a comprehensive curriculum covering major business areas. Participants have the opportunity to specialize in Logistics Management, gaining valuable insights and skills. This knowledge equips managers and executives across diverse industries to implement effective supply chain management strategies, resulting in substantial cost savings.

The overarching goal of the Diploma in Logistics Operations & Supply Chain Management is to produce graduates in high demand within the industry. Throughout the course, aspirants learn to manage the developmental and operational needs of the manufacturing sector and its supply chain network. Emphasizing the development, evaluation, and implementation of logistic principles, the qualification fosters intellectual competencies and practical skills for effective decision-making in planning and executing logistics.

This diploma program also enhances quality control, heightens awareness, and improves control over various supply chain links, leading to enhanced services. Improved data analysis and communication among suppliers, producers, and sellers reduce supply chain risks. Topics covered include fundamentals of logistics, transportation, supply chain management, cargo management, inbound logistics, purchasing, in-company logistics, inventory management, warehousing, and distribution.

Course Duration :12 Months

Qualification: 12th With any stream

Job Profile: Purchasing Agent, Operations Executive, Logistics Analyst, Supply Chain Management, Production Clerk, Logistician, and Planning Clerk.

Job opportunities: Cargo Department, Warehouse, Distribution, Supply chain

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