Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science program is a full-time undergraduate program. It encompasses the practical application of scientific principles in the field of crime investigation. Its primary emphasis is on preparing students for careers in crime laboratory-based professions.Forensic Science is intricately linked with law and justice. Forensic tests, administered by experts in the field, frequently serve as crucial evidence, playing a pivotal role in saving the lives of the innocent. This course amplifies an individual’s natural detective instincts, fostering multifaceted thinking, robust analytical skills, and keen powers of observation. Accurate forensic test analysis demands not only observation but also proficiency in technical skills.
The BSc Forensic Science Syllabus includes essential components such as Fingerprint, Crime Investigation, Forensic Physics, Ballistic, Anthropology,Forensic Pathology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Forensic Medicine, and Odontology (Dentistry).

Those aspiring to pursue a career in this specialization must possess essential skills, including analytical aptitude, technical proficiency, and the ability to work diligently for extended periods under pressure
This course proves advantageous for students in the medical science field, offering a broad career scope as it encompasses various scientific disciplines. Those with an interest in law and crime psychology can find fulfillment by pursuing this course

Course duration: 3years

Qualification: +2 with Science background

Job Profile: Forensic Scientist, Investigative Officer, Forensic Accountant, Cyber Forensic Expert, Law Expert, Scene of Crime Officer, Scientific Officer

Job Opportunities: CBI, Government Forensic Laboratory, Income Tax Department, Crime Branch, Intelligence Bureau, cyber security, FingerprintĀ Beauros

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