BSc Nutrition And Dietician

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The Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics is a full-time undergraduate program focused on nutrition and dietetics, typically spanning three years. Primarily undertaken by bioscience students, the curriculum delves into various aspects of Nutrition and Dietetics Science. It imparts knowledge on crafting balanced diets, managing food, understanding components of a balanced diet, fostering healthy eating habits, and lifestyle management, among other topics.

Upon completion, students have the option to pursue an MSc degree in nutrition and dietetics. Alternatively, graduates can enter the workforce as nutritionists or dietitians. The course comprehensively covers nutrition patterns, individual nutritional requirements, and diverse diet types. It equips candidates to enhance food habits and ensure the dietary well-being of individuals.

Furthermore, the program delves into the intricate details of the nutritional needs of an average human, emphasizing the significance of various nutrients and their functions in the body. It addresses nutrition deficiency disorders and strategies for recovery. Through the course, candidates acquire the skills to develop tailored diet plans based on individual needs.

Course Duration: 3years

Qualification: +2 with Science background

Job profile : Nutritionists, Dietitians, Food Quality Manager, Clinical Dieticians, Nutrition Specialist, Food Processing Manager.

Job opportunities: Hospital Sectors, Nutritionist Health Clincs, health centers

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