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Infinity College of Education and Infinity Academy comes under the framework of Infinity Education and Charitable Trust. We offer high-quality career-forming programs. Infinity College of Education represents a community of individuals devoted to the motto “Boost Your Career with New Possibilities.” We empower our students to attain both professional and personal success. Education plays a crucial role in the personal, social, and economic development of a nation, contributing to a life filled with happiness and prosperity. Our commitment to providing high-quality education is reflected in the rigorous standards we set for all our students.

Recognizing the evolving societal landscape, we emphasize delivering education and training beyond the prescribed syllabus, fostering responsibility and discipline in our students. Our distinguished faculty, with extensive industrial experience, is dedicated to assisting our students. We offer Graduation, Post-Graduation and Diploma programs, understanding that a successful career is a vital aspect of societal status. Providing opportunities and guidance, we facilitate our students in securing diverse job placements.

We firmly believe that the quality of a nation’s education is inherently tied to the quality of its educators. Each teacher holds the potential to shape and influence tens of thousands of young lives throughout their career.


To be recognized as a frontline Academy by providing quality education and post education services keeping social responsibilities among the students and the nation.


Our mission is to provide teaching and learning environment with professionalism and humanism which will enhance the social commit- ments and responsibility to the society and the nation

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