MBA Airline and Airport Management

Master of Business Administration in Airline and Airport management is a full-time postgraduate specialized program. The MBA program in Airline and Airport Management offers a comprehensive exploration of the aviation sector, fostering understanding of key elements such as marketing, finance, operations, and other factors that impact airport management. It amplifies the opportunities for students to delve into a thriving industry set within a swiftly expanding and technology-infused sector. The MBA in Airline and Airport Management is tailored to furnish a profound comprehension of the distinctive challenges and prospects inherent in the aviation industry, equipping graduates with the competence to contribute significantly to the proficient management of airports. The syllabus of the MBA in Airline and Airport Management encompasses a diverse array of subjects that address different aspects of airport management, enabling students to cultivate expertise in domains including operations, safety, logistics, and strategic planning

Course Duration:  2 Years

Qualification: Any Degree

Job Profile: Airport Managers, Customer Relationship Manager, Passenger service Manager

Job opportunities: Airline industries, Airports, Cargo Department

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