BSc Computer Science with ArtificialĀ Intelligence

Bachelor of Science In Artificial Intelligence is a full-time undergraduate specialised program.One avenue involves comprehending natural intelligence through computer models, while the other imparts techniques and technology for constructing systems capable of intelligent decisions and actions. Consequently, artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as both a scientific field and an engineering discipline. The increasing magnitude of big data and the complexity of decision-making render manual processes impractical. AI, facilitated by advanced codes, algorithms, and computational systems, becomes essential.

Artificial Intelligence courses furnish students with a comprehensive understanding of AI principles and techniques. The curriculum typically encompasses modules such as Introduction to AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Robotics. AI finds applications in language translations, data mining, smartphones, computers, and various technologies integral to our daily lives.

Upon completing a BSc in AI, graduates can pursue careers as video game programmers, data analysts, machine learning engineers, or software engineers. The course equips students to engage with cutting-edge technologies and contribute to the dynamic field of artificial intelligence

Course Duration: 3years

Qualification : +2 with Computer Science/ Science

Job profile: video game programmers, data analysts, machine learning engineers, or software engineers, Data scientist

Job opportunities: Microsoft, Amazon,Ā GoogleĀ etc

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